For Brands / Educational / Explainer

  • Cinematographer of a travel reality show “Expedition” shown on Zing Channel, Directed by – Venky AV

  • Cinematographer of a short film “The Unsent Letter” – under post-production

  • Cinematographer in short film “15 minutes” Directed by - Sandeep Jain.

  • Assistant Cinematographer in short films “Bhau”, “Ulljhann”, “Bhagya”.

  • 2nd Unit DoP for brand films for Westside, Bombay Paisley, NUON, with RED KITE STUDIOS.

  • Assistant Cinematographer in short films “Bhau”, “Ulljhann”, “Bhagya”.

  • Assistant cinematographer in an upcoming Hindi feature film “H2SO4” Mandaliwala Films, with Dev Agarwal.

  • Second unit DOP for Travel Videos for Condé Nast and Your Singapore Tourism.

  • Cinematographer and Assistant Director, with Mr Dev Agarwal, on a Documentary Film, “Lights from many lamps…” produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust and Foundation of Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

For Documentaries

  • Made corporate films for NGO based organization “Vijay Foundation” (now Kites Foundation), Gray Matters India.

  • Made a short travel film, “We” – The Wonderers, based on story of four friends traveling, trekking, in less travelled part of Himalayas.

  • Made a corporate film for Gray Matters India an educational assessment company that makes education child-centric by providing learning diagnosis and  monitoring growth in learning over time, at  a student, class, school and system level.

For Music Videos

  • Colorist in a short feature “Ek Scoop Khushi” directed by Venkey Av.

  • Colorist in a short feature “(aids+b) 2” directed by Venkey Av, produced by Percept Picturers.

  • Colorist in a short film "Aagla Station, Tum" by Vikas Muthamparambil.

  • Colorist for a Music Video "Toor Gaan" produced by Innokrea Motion Pictures.